At Popink, we're all about great customer service.

We cater to loyalty programs and corporate clients requiring drop ship services. We work with major brands and focus on the individual customer experience. Being niche and nimble, we can quickly adapt to meet your specific fulfilment requirements.

As part of the service, we;

  • source appropriate product
  • negotiate pricing
  • manage inventory
  • engage with customers
  • process orders
  • collect payments
  • pick, pack and deliver your products
  • provide tracking data
  • run regular reports
  • provide after sales care

We work closely with our clients and brands to ensure a smooth process from conception to delivery and beyond.

From our warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne, we distribute rewards across Australia on behalf of our clients and have the ability to ship rewards internationally as required.

We provide an open ended follow up service ensuring customers have continued access to after sales support.

For our corporate partners who need drop ship services, we provide a portal for targeted reward campaigns. Whether it is for a short period of time or an open ended offer, we offer secure website access for your staff or customer base to access special offers. Negotiated offers are managed against special pricing or single use discount vouchers designed to reward your targeted staff or customer base.

Our regular reporting allows you to analyse and measure the success of any promotional campaign.

  • Reward Fulfilment
    On behalf of our corporate clients, we source product, negotiate pricing, manage inventory, process orders and drop ship rewards to customers.
  • Promotional Services
    We work with the clever team at Orangewalk to offer a full promotional merchandise plan.